Transportation, shipment, and relocation services to Sweden

Would you like your parcels to reach their destination intact and fast? Then choose our services. We are a specialist in international freight and relocation services, so you will have your parcel safely delivered with us. We can provide assistance when you are relocating to a foreign country, or when you are moving back to Hungary. And you can send any special parcel with us into foreign countries, or back home.

We’ve been providing freight services in between Hungary and Sweden on a weekly basis, for about five years now. The large number of customer feedback we received, all supports that we are prompt, polite, and reasonably priced:

The list of cities we most frequently go to in Sweden: Malmö, Helsingborg, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Norrköping, Stockholm, Örebro, and Karlstadt

However we are able to arrange for a trip to any other place, in the direct vicinity of these cities. should the need arise. Further, we provide international relocation services in between various European countries.

We ship non-standard cargo items as well, for example we ship: bicycles, pets, musical instruments, antiquities, art, paintings, car spare parts, and even pallet goods. We have a large number of customers, for whom we did full scale relocation services, and we have done relocations within Sweden too.

We are happy to serve you with any special, or urgent parcels as well We will find a solution to all your special enquiries and problems.

You can find our timetable, and scheduled transportation times, on our website. Parcels are collected based on a pre-set appointment. Prior to the agreed collection time, a few hours beforehand, we will send you a reminder message.

Please close all parcels securely, and please clearly indicate the name and address of both the Sender and the Addressee on the parcel. If you are sending a fragile item, or food products with a fixed expiry date, or any other parcel including contents requiring special treatment, please let us know ahead of time.

(We do not ship any alcohol, tobacco products, or any other excise products, or any illegal items. The Sender shall be fully liable for all contents of the parcels sent, at all times.)

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Our standard shipment route




















On a case-by-case basis, we are able to ship to other cities, not listed on the map.

Average parcel shipment prices to Malmö and its surrounding areas

For any alternate address (detour), a surcharge applies.
To see the list of applicable surcharges, please click here.

0-10 kg10 800 Ft350 SEK
10-20 kg15 800 Ft500 SEK
20-30 kg20 800 Ft650 SEK
30-40 kg25 600 Ft800 SEK
40-50 kg28 800 Ft900 SEK
50-60 kg33 000 Ft1050 SEK
60-70 kg36 800 Ft1150 SEK
70-80 kg40 000 Ft1250 SEK
80-90 kg43 500 Ft1400 SEK
90-100 kg47 000 Ft1500 SEK
Bike15 800 Ft500 SEK

Please ask for a special Price Quote, if your cargo exceeds 50 kg.

Price list to Halmstad / Göteborg / Jönköping / Stockholm

For any alternate address (detour), a surcharge applies.
To see the list of applicable surcharges, please click here.

0-10 kg13 900 Ft450 SEK
10-20 kg18 900 Ft600 SEK
20-30 kg24 000 Ft750 SEK
30-40 kg28 800 Ft900 SEK
40-50 kg35 000 Ft1100 SEK
50-60kg39 500 Ft1250 SEK
60-70kg43 200 Ft1350 SEK
51 200 Ft1600 SEK
90-100kg56 000 Ft1750 SEK
Bike18 900 Ft600 SEK

Please ask for a special Price Quote, if your cargo exceeds 50 kg.

All prices listed above include 30 minutes loading time.

For small weight cargo (e.g. foam rubber),
the fees will be charged based on volumetric weight.
The basis for calculation: W (cm) x L (cm) x H (cm) / 6,000 = volumetric weight (kg).

For any other cargo products
(e.g. bicycle, bike, furniture, pallet goods, pets …)
please ask for a special Price Quote.

* The fees listed herein shall be valid from February 2017, until revoked.

Shipment planner:

  1. Place your order (using the online Order Form)
  2. Confirm the details (about how the parcel will be handed over to us, etc.)
  3. We collect the parcel (based on the Bill of Lading, or the Order Form)
  4. Please pay our fees (as agreed, or the Addressee can pay the fee upon delivery, if required)
  5. Delivery and handover of the parcel to the Addressee.

Whether you wish to arrange for a shipment to Sweden, or to Hungary – you can order it NOW…